Fans reacts after Regina Daniels posted a hot photo and said she’s turning 17 soon

Most people still doubt Nigerian teen actress, Regina Daniel’s age. The sweet 16 who will turn 17-years next month posted this hot photo of herself on Instagram and captioned it; “Rocking sweet 16 before I turn 17 😜“.

Well, most of her followers in doubt reacted. See below…


    1. So u enter university at de age of 17yrs, so at wat age did u write ur ssce exam if u tink dat u i too sensitive enough to decive pple blc is for pple dat u can decive ok ,u i 17 and u u puting on leg chain so wat example i u showing to girls at ur age or is all dis all in de name of an actress dat u i , my fellow facebook friends regina denials is 19yrs old .

    2. nonsense!! must everything be posted in facebook?! and must everything be discussed?? I totally ignore many issues here. 16 and 19 years are not an award ticket to heaven, So it is rubbish!

    3. Please brothers And sisters take it easy she is not the only one who exposed her self we all have short coming and we all are lier. Train your own children well. Talk from now till tomorrow she is my sweet girl that I love so much in acting.

    4. Regina Daniels or what ever your name is your age is not a guaranty for the success of the country, must you spoil other people children with your boob lifestyle is this what a girl of ur age should do? Facebook will tell the people how 25 years will look like for you check your health. Stop looking for a crack in the mirror of life.

    5. So finally, she is 17yrs, I thought she will remain sweet 16 forever. Again, Nigerian Movies, tell her to be careful what she puts up on social media. She is too young for all this unnecessary exposure. She might not know now, what she is doing to herself. My opinion thought!

    6. U people should leave d little girl alone is it because she is exposed what about ur sisters in the village some of them have given birth more than two or three times outside marriage are they not Wooster than her?

    7. But nigerians hooo she said she gained admission into the university which secondary school did she attend in nigeria pls if any of her classmate is around clear the air becoz everyone is in doubt so that people can believe that she actually went to school im just suggesting hoooo or maybe dey admit ei na for abroad shebi she was doing but home-school

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